More and more often these days Software companies and Game developers alike are coming up with new ways to stop people creating illegal copies of copyrighted software and games.  A more obvious and common way for companies to do this is to use Commercially Developed CDR Protections which when used on the game or software makes it nearly impossible to copy the game.

It is illegal to copy or burn a copyrighted game to sell, rent or give to others, which most of you would know, but it is not illegal to make a personal back-up copy for yourself of the game provided you are the original owner of the game.  The advantages of making a back-up copy of a game is that once you have the back-up copy you don't have to use the original CD to play the game so it can be kept safe in the cover and if the back up copy does get scratched you will still have the original  CD to play from.  This comes in handy especially with young children who tend to easily break things!  It is also common for a CD to get scratched everytime you load it into the CD tray, most of these scratches are irreversible and the CD becomes useless. In order for you to know what CD-Copy Protection is on your game so you can make a legal back-up copy, we have compiled a  description of what protections you may come across and how to bypass it when burning the back-up copy.

Click below for the following protections:

CD/DVD Checks
Illegal TOC (Table Of Contents)
OverSized/OverBurn CD's
SafeDisc 2
SafeDisc 3
SecuRom *New*
SecuRom *New* Trigger Functions

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